Tips for a Great Personal Statement


Keep it simple

Avoid long sentences, try to keep your points relevant to medicine and don't spend more than one paragraph on each point. Our advisers can help review your personal statements to make sure every word counts. 

Avoid cliches

Phrases like "I'm passionate about..."  or "I'm a problem solver" are used so much that they've become meaningless. Consider different ways to express these points and ask yourself whether you need to say it at all. At Medicine Personal Statements we've seen a lot of the worst cliches - let us help you avoid the embarrassment of using them.

Show, don't tell

Saying "I have leadership qualities" comes off strange and isn't convincing. Try to use examples to show that you have skills rather than say it out loud. If you need advice on how to make this work then feel free to get in touch.

Don't mess up the spelling

It sounds basic, but a good personal statement can be ruined by a few typos. Our service includes a thorough check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Get feedback

Honest feedback from someone who has been there themselves is one of the most powerful ways to write a personal statement that looks fantastic. Medicine Personal Statements was founded with that in mind, get in touch to see how we can use our knowledge to get you into medical school.